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A ring is a symbol of love and affection, a circle is used to convey eternity as a ring has no beginning and no end. it is frequently used to seal a couples union and commitment to each other. Ancient yet powerful a ring can speak volumes and can be of huge importance to the owner.

When someone approaches me about commissioning a ring, I take a few things into account. Size of finger, type of metal, size and colour of gemstones .

I also ask the person about why they want this ring and what message it will hold for them. Usually they have a story behind the commission and the ring then becomes deeply personal.

It will often be passed down through generations and also the story that inspired it.

If you want your very own individual ring made into a beautiful piece of jewellery so that it can be treasured and loved, please don’t hesitate to get in contact



I contacted Eileen to discuss an idea I had to remodel my late fathers wedding ring. Eileen listened to every detail of what I hoped the end product would be. In a kind and inspiring way she introduced several design concepts along the journey. I consider it a journey as it was clear from our first chat that Eileen was every bit invested in the ring as I was. The design was tweaked along the way as she was always in pursuit of perfection. Eileen was exceptionally kind to involve me at every stage and show me the ring throughout the process adding tremendously to the whole experience. I was naïve to think a ring was simply made, Eileen’s attention to detail from the number of stones, to the colours used to the size and dimensions of the band were carefully thought through with each representing a significant detail from the original ring. The ring I received in return, for me, absolutely surpassed any expectation I had. It resembles nothing like I anticipated – Eileen produced my perfect ring. Eileen’s design skill, sheer talent and vision coupled with an incredible ability to listen to what I wanted, ended with a ring that I am so proud bears her stamp – all the better from Whitefield!
7 Peridot Ring - Commissioned 9ct Yellow Gold Ring
Ciara, Templemore

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