Stud Drop Sterling Silver Sacred Geometry Earrings

Stud Drop Sterling Silver Sacred Geometry Earrings

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Description: These Stud Drop Sterling Silver Sacred Geometry Earrings are handmade in Ireland, they represent the three keys to Heaven. Triangle is your connection to God, square represents your Soul or Spirit and circle is your connection to Mother Earth and the completion or ending of a cycle. These ancient symbols are timeless and powerful.

60mm x 13mm, triangle, square and circle highly polished in sterling silver.

1 review for Stud Drop Sterling Silver Sacred Geometry Earrings

  1. Kelly, Wicklow

    Eileen Hassett Jewellery is without a doubt my favourite Irish owned (and female led) business. Not only does she make the most gorgeous and considered pieces, but she really does care about everything relating to the brand, from their ethos (my personal favourite) and most importantly – her customers. Any time I’m in contact, the service is always so sincere and helpful.
    Her social platforms are such happy places full of genuine love and positivity. I always feel so proud that Ireland can boast of being home to this amazing company!!! Wishing Eileen continued growth and success and I’ll certainly continue to be a loyal customer! I just received the Sacred Geometry earrings and I absolutely adore them. I feel like Grace Kelly wearing them:) Looking forward to my next purchase!!! X

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